XBLA Releases for 09/03/2008

With the Mircrosoft’s ‘Summer of Arcade’ ending last week, this week we welcome three new games to play on the Xbox Live Arcade. That’s right! We get three of them! Released today was Gin Rummy, Shred Nebula, and Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball.

Read more about them after the jump.

Gin Rummy – 400 MP ($5.00)
Developer: Studio Ch’in
Publisher: Sierra Online
Genre: Card and Board
ESRB: E for Everyone

Main_Menu_Spring          GinRummy4

I’m not much into card games, but from what I’ve read and some of the screenshots I’ve seen, gamers can enjoy this classic card game in a variety of challenges. The cool part that I have read is that, just like Uno, you can video chat with players from around the world.


There are six game modes, or should I say types of Gin Rummy that you can play. Players can play the Classic Gin Rummy, Speed Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Gin, Hollywood Gin, Three-Hand Gin, or you can customize your own rules!


You can also play a match with 3 of you friends or anybody from around the world, with the Xbox Live Vision Cam in the multiplayer mode. You can video chat while playing.


Supposedly there is also some unique game themes that you can use, as well as some artistic card decks, and entertaining music selections.

Shred Nebula – 800 MP ($10.00)

Now, I have seen very little about this game. I have seen a video of it over on Kotaku, and of course there is information on it over on After watching the video, I have say it looks colorful, almost Geo War-ish, but not at the same time. It is a space shooter, and sadly I can’t say much more than that. For unknown technical reasons, I can’t access some sites to get you more info. But if you are at work, take a sec to check out the video over at Kotaku. I don’t think that short video will trully give you a good taste of the game, but it will give you an idea fo what it looks like. Once again I apologize for the lack of information on this one.

Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball – 800 MP ($10.00)
Developer: Blazing Lizard
Publisher: Gamecock
ESRB: E for Everyone (10+)


We finally can get our hands on this game! I don’t know about all of you, but I have been waiting for this one since they announced it. This game is nothing more than the games we use to play in elementary school, trying to knock our classmates’ head off with that soft rubber red ball that was the size of a basketball. But to add to that fun, we can play as Pirates, Ninjas, Zombies, or even Robots. Personally, I’m taking everybody on with a ninja.

dodgeball         PvND-Forest

Anyways, gamers get to play this competitive sport in beautifully designed 3-D environments. Each team has its own style, so no one team will be the same. Every character also has its own special move that can be devastating.


When you pay for the full game, you get the ability to play the full story, plus the ability to play dodgeball in traditional and enhanced modes. There is multiplayer support for up to four players locally and eight online. There is also a four player co-op mode. The game also allows the gamers to customize how many balls may be used during the game. You can choose from one to five.


So let’s head back into our early adolescence and start aiming for the heads of our friends. Show them that they’re your best friend ever!

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  • Kosamus

    I'm still waiting on another good board game like Catan and Carcasonne to come out. These titles don't even interest me in the slightest. What ever happened to Plunder or whatever the Booty name it was changed to.