CoD4:Double XP Is Imminent

I’m currently working on getting everything organized and together for an upcoming Xbox Live / PSN promotion we have coming up the weekend of Sept. 13th – 14th. Which isn’t this weekend, but next weekend. I will have exact details on what it is in the near future but I have a gut feeling it’ll have Double XP attached to it for all those hungry for some power-leveling on Call of Duty 4.

Currently working on designing some Xbox Live banners to promote it on the marketplace and attempting to get everything together for it on our end. This promotion is technically unrelated to the new Playlists, but I won’t lie that my hope is to finish them up in time so that we can make it all one big promotion. How epic would that be? Our awesome QA team and producers are helping me push hard to make it happen by the weekend of the big promotion, no promises, but as always I’ll keep you updated on the progress. read more from (FourZeroTwo’s Blog)

Double EXP will help me out ALOT and Im guessing you too as its a great chance to power level and gain ever closer to 55 again or for the first time.

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  • Kosamus

    Maybe that will give me a reason to dust off the ol Call of Duty 4 that has been neglected for awile. Thanks for the tip