Dead Space Banned, Devs fight Back move the fight closer!

The world just keeps getting stranger, as Japan (Dog Eaters), Germany (Pig sex fetish), and China (Tiger penis eaters) declare that Dead Space is banned from being sold in Japan, Germany, and China! Why,?,?, because video game violence is bad!!!! BADDD!!!!!!!

But in the good old “US and A”(Thank you Borat), we look forward to the spookyness of outers space carnage. So in this time of world debauchery the Dead Space crew kicked it in overdrive and are now bringing it home ahead of schedule. So kids get ready to shit your pants as Dead Space will now scare us on October 14th for both the PS3 and Xbox 360. Be there or eat Tiger Penis.


(The Gamers Pub is an “equalopportunity offender” so to all our friends around the world dont whine, we hate and love eveyone.)

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