CoD: WaW perks and new info

Here’s some new information for Call of Duty: World at War, including the Perk system, and a little about weapon upgrades and information. Enjoy.

Perk Effect
Soldier Perks  
Pyromaniac Like sonic boom but for the flame thrower and Molotov cocktails
Satchel charge Can inflict damage to tank treads
Bouncing Betty Like claymores but shoot up in air then blow up causing wide spread damage as shrapnel
Bazooka Self explanatory
Flak jacket Help to survive close grenade blasts. Anti martyrdom.
Shades Flares are World at War’s flash bang but they last longer this perk nullifies this effect
Gas Mask Protects from disorientating effects of new grenade Tabun nerve gas
Second chance Like last stand but if a team mate also has this they can heal you
Fireproof Provides protection for flame-throwers and Molotov cocktails
Dexterity Similar to sleight of hand’ faster reloads and faster prep time on Molotov and bouncing Betty’s
Vehicle Perks  
Greased bearings Faster rotation on tank’s main cannon allowing you to move from target to target faster
Ordnance training Tank perk boost firing rate of main cannon
Water cooler Allows you to fire the tank’s secondary gun longer before needing to cool down
Lead foot Boost top speed of slow moving tanks. Works only if you are the driver
Weapon upgrades  
Sawed of barrel and stock Used for the double barrel shot gun
Sights and scopes Aperture scopes and telescopic sights and sniper scopes
Bi pod When you lie down reduces recoil on sniper rifles and heavy machine guns
Bayonet Longer reach than knife
Magazine upgrades Adding duel or drum magazine = more damage
Silencers and flash suppressors Quieter and less mussel flash

Also there are new kill streaks.

3 Kills – Recon plane: Gives you a temporary highlight of all enemy on radar.

5 Kills – Artillery strike: Similar to air strike from CoD4.

7 Kills – Attack dogs: Will chase down and kill enemies. They will also seek out hidden enemies.

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