Dasetup Episode 7

What up everybody! Welcome to another episode of Dasetup. This episode comes to you from Seattle Washington. Editor in Chief of Steve Artlip aka Steve519 shows of his setup on Dasetup. Enjoy!

Steve519’s setup consists of:
Sony Wega 55″ KDF55XS955 LCD
Onkyo HTR520 1000w 6.1 Surround Sound Receiver
Trident 5.1 AX360 headset
XBOX360 Premium
XBOX360 Elite
HD-DVD 360 add-on
XBOX360 Live Vision Cam
Sony Playstation 3 20gb model upgraded to 160gb HDD
PS3 Eye camera
Nintendo Wii
MacBook 13″ in white/w PN red color
Imac 20″
Logitech headsets for Podcasting
Plantronics Audio 365 Headset
2 iPhones
Flip Video Cam

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    very cool dasetup.. sure was a lot messier when i was, glad you cleaned it up for the rest of the peeps!

  • Ponza

    Got to agree, that AX360 headset is a beauty. One of my poker buddies has a set, they have fantastic sound. Had to chuckle about the Wii comments.

  • Gemini Ace

    Where were all the bear skin rugs and hoes?

  • Mr_B4

    most people do chuckle about the wii comments, but for a video that shows off your setup, those type of comments are not really all that neccessary.

  • Steven Artlip

    Actually I felt it was necessary, I did not make a joke, that was honest truth. I seriously have not turned on my wii for more then a month. It wasn't a joke to get a laugh, it was a joke that was also the truth.

  • Desz

    I didn't laugh at all, because like Steve, I haven't turn it on in months. Wait..wait.. I turned it on by accident a couple weeks ago, never mind.