Make sure your sitting down while reading!

As the saying goes, “Everything that has an beginning as an end” or some BS like that.

Anyways as some know, and rest will now, I am no longer with the crew of XBLRadio here. Reach certain points in life that you know its just time to try something different. And if you didn’t like listening to my voice just watch till where you “see” this ugly mug show up. Yes its still with Platform Nation!, as it is the greatest community I have found!

I wish all the current hosts of XBLRadio a Good Luck and hope all you listeners will continue to give the great feedback you have been to [email protected]

Thanks for the great times!

Now if you thought that announcement was shocking… you might want to lay down!

As many of you know I happen to be a little-bit of a “360 Fanboy”. Can’t really blame me. Once your able to get past the RRoD it is the better “gaming” console and that’s why I wanted it. Therefore I think some of you may go into a state of shock, straight pass out or go mentally insane the moment you read the rest of this story!

So this is the Official Platform Nation Public Service Warning! Please have 911 dialed into your cell phone, have your thumb on the send key and click the link “for the rest of the story”! Be ready to hit send…

INFECTEDPB503 Joins the Dark Side!

(& feels very ashamed as well)!

Yes this is in INFECTED’s house, No Hell did not freeze over (I wouldn’t know if it did so…), but I did happen to purchase a P’o’.. I mean a Playstation 3!

Always said if Sony would lower the price to make it, at least, reasonable that I would have no issue picking one up. And while Microsoft has announced and delivered on their price cut Sony has not been willing to budge. Thankfully the economy is really bad right now and people are currently selling PS3s for pretty cheap.

So this would be my current gaming setup (yes I’ll work on a dasetup video):

From Left to Right:
D-Link Extreme Gaming N Router
Playstation 3 40GB
Xbox 360 Elite 120GB
& a Crappy Motorola Cable Modem

Hooked up the HDMI to my TV and just swapping the cable back and forth between them, depending on what I’m playing. I do only have Warhawk at the moment (it was under $20) but would be willing to accept anyones file/game sharing info. Guess you can legally pirate content between PS3s; which sounds cool.

If interested in “sharing” you gaming content please send me an email at [email protected] and “help a brother out”.

If you want to add a fellow “Darksider” to your friends list:

And I already have 5 trophies in Warhawk!  You?

Also maybe when the shock subsides and all the blood rushes back into your head send me an email with ideas on what I should get/play and if someone can explain why it appears I have two logins that would help also… THX

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  • Gemini Ace

    I don't see a Wii there. You won't be complete till you have a Wii. I actually took the PS3 plunge a few months ago also, and I've been nothing but happy with the experience. Once you get in there and see what Sony has done, you have to be impressed. I think you and your new baby will be very happy together.

  • chiahippo

    Welcome to the Dark Side!!! At least now you can see the poop that's in front of your eyes lol.