Discounted DLC For Xbox Live

Now until the end of October, Microsoft is running a “Extended Play Download Days” promotion with select downloadable content discounted for six Xbox 360 titles.

Microsoft has cut the prices of their consoles and now select DLC whats next?  I do know for one thing I like the idea of price drops because there is so many new titles coming out this year we can finally start saving money on the extras like DLC, and I have been waiting to play Oblivion Shivering Isle and with the price drop I will now download it.


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  • Rusty Ranchero

    So once this sale is over, the content is completly deleted from the servers, never to be ever downloadable again by a first time gamer? What a dissapointment. What a crummy way to run Xbox Live. I go into store and buy a game that says "Dowload Content" on the back, but the content is not there… How sleazy is that?

  • Scott

    I dont believe they will be completly deleted, just the sale will be over and then they will go back to full price