Resistance Fall of Man TQ review

Resistance PS3 Review: Eyes on Resistance 2. Yes a Greatest Hits Game makes it to TQ. Putting new PS3 owners on Game, on a must play Game.

Controls: Controls are on point, no crazy camera issues or movement. They feel really smooth.

Graphics: The graphics for being a first gen PS3 game, are solid , up to par to most games that are out now. Very nice explosions, environments, character models.

Sound: The Sound is really good, great sound affects, incredible music soundtrack, and the game is a must on 5.1.

Replay Value/Story:Price PS3 Greatest Hits $29.99 (Nice Price) A Great Hit for sure!
When you complete the game, you do unlock some new weapons. Would I play it again (I say yes, because the story was fun, and has good time on the campaign, not too long, and not too short. The game has online, and its very active and fun on the PSN. The game feels very familiar. I felt like some of the levels looked a lot like Halo 3 (especially the bubbly things in caves). The overall story is a good strait forward military story mixed with some crazy chemical created creatures, but nothing very Original. After the game has been completed, I recommend to wait, till the credits finish rolling…

Wishes or Changes: A deeper story with some crazy twist.

TQ bottom line Michela Rating: Although a great game, I recommend to play this game after you have had a break from shooters. It feels familiar, I will sort of say that the game looks like Halo 3 on certain levels. Nevertheless, a PS3 must at purchase. The graphics are on point, character models even look good up close, and the environments are easily some of the most beautiful on the PS3. The attention to details on what is going around you certainly make the environments that much more believable. The gameplay is smooth, very smooth, very precise. Switching weapons, butstocking, and reloading worked to perfection . The music and sounds are top notch as well. The music was placed properly for every scenario. The story is good, but nothing epic, nothing that I was like whoa!!!!! If this story would of had some deep twist or bigger surprises, it would of made this game so much better. The Online part of the game boosted up the score a bit.

Final Verdict 8 Michelas out 10.

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