Back Catalog: Condemned

We’re well into the current console generation, and all three consoles — well, two mostly — have a rich catalog of games and experiences. The Gamers Pub is beginning a series that will look back on some of the games that new console owners may have missed out on and veteran gamers may have overlooked.

I ended the previous Back Catalog post with a mention that new elements were being added to a passable story that looked to be making things interesting… but I’ll get to that later.


When I rented this game, I blessed Condemned 2 with the reserved slot in my GameAccess queue with a mind to playing through both of them successively. However, that changed near the end of the first game, albeit for a positive reason.


Starting at the chapter in the library, Condemned ramps up the intensity to an astonishing degree. New enemies and weapons get introduced — addressing an earlier complaint of mine — and they devilishly conspired with both the environments and my headphones to create one of the most satisfyingly unnerving and strangely exhausting climaxes I’ve ever experienced in a video game. I died for the first time, quickly  followed up by several more unfortunate ends, which finally forced me into using strategy and tactics to deal with enemies that were previously rather simple to deal with.


Condemned so deftly cranked up the pressure, that I nearly found myself wiped out by the experience. Literally tired. My earlier determination to play through both games dissolved and I went back to my queue to reserve a different game and give myself a break.


Which brings me back to the story. The game packed a final twist that, when coupled with the stellar atmosphere delivered in the final third, provided an offer I couldn’t refuse. Condemned 2 is on its way.

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