Fallout 3 has a drug problem

Have you ever been in a high school class, and that one really dumb kid gets the whole class homework, cause you know, he was being dumb. Australia is being that dumb kid. Because the reference to real drugs within the video game, Bethesda has now removed all real names and replaced them with fictional ones. I’m pretty sure this won’t affect people that much; seriously they are just changing the name of the drugs. Then again, why don’t Tom Clancy games change the name of its guns because they are real weapons?

Plan and simple just because video games have real drugs in them don’t mean the 15 year old that plays fallout three will go out and try Heroin. Just like Grand Theft Auto can not make some shoot someone in real life. Here is another good one. Someone places those awful poker games a lot, will they become a gambler.

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