Talk Like A Pirate & Win Free Booty

by Chris "Lefty" Brown


Ahoy me mateys!  The Married Gamers are going to make The Target Demographic walk the plank and hopefully burn up the iTunes featured podcast charts.  We have two copies of Pirates of the Burning Sea we are giving away to two Pirate iTunes reviewers.  To enter the contest, head over to the Target Demographic iTunes site and leave a positive review in your best Pirate ‘voice’.  All entries must be posted on their site by September 18, because on September 19th, the official Talk Like A Pirate Day, the folks over at the target Demographic will choose the two best Pirate reviews.  Those two luck winners will be announced on our live Ustream show on Saturday September 20th.  Our Pirates must reside in the United States or Canada.

While you are leaving Target Demographic your best Pirate review, take the time to hit that subscribe button, because the Target Demographic is a podcast that we at The Married Gamers heartily endorse. 

Special thanks from Flying Lab Software for the two copies of the fantastic Pirate MMO, Pirates of the Burning Sea.

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