The summer drought that wasn’t

Over the past few weeks a lot of talk over the interwebs has been made about the XBLA downloadable titles filling the gap before the fall rush. Games such as Braid, Castle Crashers, and Geometry Wars 2 have really made the case that smaller fare can keep the hardcore on their consoles, instead of on developer forums whining about when the next big title is coming.

However, no one has mentioned the efforts of that other HD gaming console: the Playstation 3. Granted, Sony did not push a “Summer Of PSN” campaign like Microsoft did, but games like The Last Guy, Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty and the launch of a video service has ensured that PS3-only gamers aren’t suffering.

There has been no shortage of discussion about last year being the biggest year for gaming. What seems to be forgotten is that at this point last year, there was hardly anything, anywhere being released as titles were pushed back for the Christmas shopping season. This year, we were blessed with rich, downloadable titles to fill the gap between now and the release of landmark titles such as Gears of War Two and Little Big Planet.

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  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    You're quite correct here my friend. I've spent a fair bit of money this summer. I think it was a great time to pick up a PS3 if you had not already. There's an ample of backlogged games to play already, but PSN is proving to be more enticing than I expected. I rarely bought Arcade games, but I'm actually selling out some cash on digital downloads now. I'd probably have tried out Castle Crashers or Braid on Xbox Live too. Good thing I don't keep two consoles or I'd be dirt poor!