TQ Blu-Ray pick of da week

Sit back relax and enjoy non-stop bloody action with Shoot ‘em up! As reviewed on TQcast Episode 42, the movie received a strong 6 michelas out of 10, with the HD quality a crisp 9 out of 10. This movie really shows off your Blu-Ray player. Although not the best story, it is a nonstop action type of flick that will keep you entertained. Not for kids.

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  • Gemini Ace

    Horrible movie. Just awful.

  • Silverthorne

    Oh c'mon Gemini Ace. He kills a guy with a carrot in like the first 10 minutes. A CARROT! Freakin' awesome.

  • GUI J

    People who are really into movies (The Canns type) do not like this kind of films. I on the other hand think this film is awesome! It has little plot, but the action is FUN..not believable..but fun. If your the type of person who goes to the movies for an hour and half of stupid disbelief, this is for you. If your the type of person that says "Man there is no way that could happen, how dumb!" this movie is not for you.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    I thought it was a decent movie that made a great Blu Ray. Monica Bellucci made the movie for me!