Wii Locked UP!

Only in the U.K. could something like this happen!

Ian Huntley is serving a life sentence in Frankland Prison that is located in Brasside England for the conviction of murdering two 10 year old girls in 2003, now has a reason to live after he has attempted to committ suicide numerous times.

Prison officals at Frankland Prison gave him a Nintendo Game Cube to stop him from trying to kill himself when he was moved into his cell, but after a few weeks he complained that the Game Cube was out of date and wanted a Wii.

So yes the prison officals got him a Wii at the taxpayers expense, and a memo was issued to the prison staff to call this low life by his first name and play a little multiplayer action on the Wii with him and treat him like a extension of their family.

I dont know about you but this guy should be locked up in his cell for his crimes and take everything away so he could not attempt suicide again, but instead these prison officals treat him like he is part of their family, he even wears designer clothes and has his meals brought to his cell.


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