Gears of War 2 “Touch the Sound” or I will chainsaw your taint!

Are you feeling the itch to chainsaw from taint to brains? I know I am, as I am counting the day till “Gears of War 2” comes out with more intensity than a Brumac in heat! Although we have to wait to  get our hands on the game, the master crafts-persons over at Epic have given us word that the Gears of War 2 video documentary series is up at This video series provides an inside look at one of The Gamers Pub’s most anticipated games!
Today, Microsoft releases “Touch the Sound,” the first in a series of video documentaries that showcase the development of “Gears of War 2.”

“Touch the Sound” features interviews with Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski, senior producer Rod Fergusson and “Gears of War 2” soundtrack composer Steve Jablonsky (composer of the “Transformers” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” soundtracks). They describe the impact of the rich variety of audio in “Gears of War 2,” from the sound design to the voice acting and musical score.
Now you can check out the video at or you can love the Pub for giving you a video link so just go ahead and click on……….Chainsaw the Taint!


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