Humpdate 09-10-08

This is going to be weird.

There’s bad news and there’s good news this week on the Humpdate. The bad news is that GameHounds’ intrepid midweek show will suffer a loss in two weeks. Simon DI will be leaving as co-host due. He won’t be leaving right off, however. GameHounds listeners will have a good-bye episode next week.

This week, however, is Simon-free. It’s also Hawkes-free and everybody-else free. GamerEdie Sellers goes solo — not with weekly gaming news, but instead with a series of interviews from the Penny Arcade Expo — including representatives of Starcraft 2, Pirates of the Burning Sea, and Tritton Technologies.

As a bonus, those who prefer to listen to a bit racer speech will enjoy three segments after the break, recorded during a long night of drinking after PAX closing time. Chiahippo of Platform Nation describes penile surgery in gruesome detail, the most contemptible thing he’s ever done, and how he got his nom de plume.

GameHounds apologizes for the lack of actual news discussion but promises the news shall return on Saturday’s regular GameHounds Podcast with Cooper Hawkes.

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