XBLRadio Interview: Mirror’s Edge

XBLRadio Interview

Infectedpb503 and I had a chance to sit down with Aaron Kraus, Product Marketing Manager for Mirror’s Edge, while we were at the Penny Arcade Expo. Before we go too far into my thoughts of the game, let’s go over the basics first. Mirror’s Edge is being developed by DICE, and published by EA. This title falls under the First-Person Action Adventure genre. and will be released on the PS3, Xbox360, and PC.

Ok, now let’s get into my first impressions, it is definitely a must buy for me! The video that was released during E3 really didn’t impress me, but once I had a chance to play a bit of the game, now I want more. DICE did a great job combining the action adventure genre with the first-person genre, and the visuals were just awesome (even window reflections looked spectacular, as you will hear)! Besides the game looking great, the controls were relatively easy to get use to. Well, I don’t want to ruin the interview. Thanks for listening, and please leave us a comment on the interview or send us an e-mail at: [email protected]

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