Left 4 Dead Demo Coming to Xbox Live And PC

Gabe Newell has confirmed through that a demo is coming soon for Left 4 Dead. The demo would be on both the Xbox 360 and PC platform and probably include the hospital level from the beginning of the game.
Left 4 Dead
Newell states:

“We will be releasing demos for both the Xbox and for the PC. I don’t know what the date is for release on that, though. I think it’s going to contain the first part of one of the campaigns. I think it’ll probably be Hospital but I’m not sure. That’s a decision that Doug Lombardi is making.”

When pressed for details about whether the demo would feature online support, Gabe said:

“Oh yeah. You’ll be able to play single-player and co-op in the demo.”

Left 4 Dead will be infecting gamers everywhere on November 21st.

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