Call Of Duty 4 Maps Half Price

If you are one of those people that wait for DLC to drop in price before you purchase add-ons well here is your chance, and it comes for Xbox 360 owners.

Activision has announced the Variety Map Pack for Call of Duty 4 will sell for 400 Microsoft Points.  The reduced price starts on Friday September 12 12:01AM PDT and ends on Monday September 14.  Also dont forget this price cut is just in time for the Double XP weekend for CoD 4 online players.

I wish I would have waited because I just bought the maps and everytime I finally break down and buy DLC it seems like it goes on sale.  So if you where not like me and waited for the price to drop you are in luck this weekend and for half price you cant go wrong.

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    why you wish you waited? do you not play COD4? and these maps are more then worth $10! this is a developer that we should bur their DLC no matter what the price. They put out top quality game every time! and deserve your $10. But at $5 this is a STEAL and the best value of any DLC ever! also this will be happening to the PS3 maps on or about 9/18, so if you haven't boughten them on the PS3 do so now or wait if your a cheap … and the prestige picture pack should be up and available for DL also! For Free!

  • Scott

    I wish I waited because I just downloaded the Maps on 9/8 and yes they are worth every penny I payed for them and yes I am a cheap … because I have to be because soon we are going to be flooded with games that are must haves for me and soon I will have to pick and choose and that is very hard for me to do.


    oh. i understand that. too many games. and getting them just this week and then price going down sucks. should try and call MS and see if they have a 7 day price matching policy? lol wait that was way to funny, can't believe I thought that. what are they Best Buy! ROFL!