Fable II – Molyneux admits “flaws”

There are a couple of things Molyneux wishes he had time to fix in Fable II, but honestly as long as this game is a great RPG, and a great experience, I don’t care about lip-syncing. What are your thoughts?

Incredibly frank Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has listed his dislikes and flaws in Fable II… before the game’s even in the shops.

“Pretty bad” lip-syncing, the odd “low spot” and occasions when the players’ dog can get “a bit fractured”, are among Molyneux’s criticisms of the Fable sequel, he told CVG.

The shock honesty outburst from the game designer comes just weeks after he said he’d give his game “9 out of 10” in an interview with Xbox World 360.

“There are low spots in the game and it’s no one’s fault that these low spots are there, it’s just that there’s a lot to this game,” Molyneux said. “You’ve got to remember that we’re not building a corridor game here where you can say ‘right, in one hour fifteen minutes, someone’s going see that light and we’re going make that light like this.’

“I think the lip-sync is pretty bad, you know, the quality of the animation falls off, you know, quite a lot, I think the navigation can be a bit dodgy sometimes, I think the dog can get a bit fractured sometimes. But those are sideline issues, you’re not going to care about those, they’re technical issues, and I wish we’d had time to polish every single tiny second of the game.”

Despite the flaws, the outspoken game designer says he’s “incredibly proud” of what his team at Lionhead has managed to create. “You can measure me by this game,” he said.

“I haven’t made the mistakes I made in Fable 1 and tried to shove all the game features into the game,” he added. “You know, I’m immensely proud of what we’ve done. The story is incredible.

“I don’t know how [Fable II is] going to be received, I’ve no idea. I think if people don’t look for problems in Fable, if they don’t care so much about jaws moving in the exact time with the lip-syncing, it might do well. But if people want to criticise… there’s things to criticise in Fable 2, I’ll be absolutely honest with you.

“I think though, it’s the things that you’ve yet to discover that really will give Fable 2 its rightful score.”

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  • jigsawhc

    I would probably have never noticed if he had not said anything, but now I'm sure I will see both.

  • Jelloshotts

    Nice hype hype hype then bring it down so people cant trash it for its flaws. What a joke this all is.

  • B1gBadDaddy

    To be honest I'm not arsed in the slightest if there are some flaws in the animation, I'm not looking for the perfect game. We've all seen gameplay as well, and know it's no Gears or Mirror's Edge. Like I said above, if the gameplay is great, and it's a great RPG, I'll be happy, and £40 worse off for it.