Bionic Commando Rearmed Review


Bionic Commando Rearmed is an update to the classic 8-bit NES game. Originally scheduled for release in May 2008, the game was delayed until August. Developed by GRIN in cooperation with Capcom, the game features updated graphics, new areas, additional features and online leader boards. Capcom revealed that former employees who worked on the original NES version served as consultants for the new release making it close to the original, but also being new. Bionic Commando costs 800MSP.

Bionic Commando Rearmed is a 2D platform game like the original NES title. The player plays as Nathan “Rad” Spencer, a soldier who has been enhanced through a bionic arm that includes a grappling hook that he can fire to reach far objects. In each game level, you must navigate toward the end, facilitated by using the bionic arm to swing across gaps or climb to higher ledges. The levels are presented to the player as a tactical map showing each friendly and enemy area. You control a helicopter to move between areas (It reminded of a board game map).  Moving the helicopter takes you to another level and every time you move a enemy truck/convoy moves. If you land on it you are forced to fight a group of soldiers that come out of transport type trucks with the goal to destroy them and stop the the soldiers from coming. Online play is either teams or go All vs. All Multiplayer mode include Last Man Standing, Death Match and the intriguingly named Don’t Touch the Floor.

Bionic Command is a trip down memory lane even with its updates/upgrades (Graphics, New Areas, Online Features).  It retains what was fun about the classic NES title by making it new and fresh for people that have played it before. The puzzles that you have to solve using the grappling hook were cool trying to beat your friends times on the leader boards added longer gameplay and more to do other than just the main story of the game. Those that haven’t even touched the original will find it fun and enjoyable Its 2D style takes us away from the 3D Graphics that we are used to but that’s not to take away from being fun.

Not a lot to complain about here. Just two things:  I would like the ability to jump. I understand that they want you to use the grappling hook to move barrels and what not but I just thought it would be nice to jump over them and leave them to block enemy’s. Also the controls seemed weird at times. That’s all I can complain about here.

Steven’s final say – To me its definitely a game that’s worth a try. At least download the trial and give it a shot. Its done well and overall its a fun arcade game. Try it out and you may find that you like it.

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  • your complaints are mute! there is no reason to have a jump button in this game. the original did not have one and this does not need one. you want to jump, use the bionic arm.

    also not a mention of the Challenge Rooms? that is one of the hardest, and best parts, of the game!
    and the MP is a blast. get 4 people in there and just go swinging around killing each other. Good Times and a definite BUY (on the PS3)!