GTA: Chinatown Wars Details

Here is some new details about Rockstars newest title Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the Nintendo DS.  This mature rated game will seem a little familiar to GTA players as you journey through Liberty City and have use of a GTA IV type cell phone with a PDA.  The open world environment  featured will be true to GTA games as well as the sandbox type game play.  Also you will be able to upload via Wi-Fi, Rockstars Social Club, so you can keep track of your in game progress.

The weapons are to include a flamethrower and the chain gun, what would a GTA game be without the use of those weapons.  Aiming will be with the control pad and auto targeting will be with the R button. The mini-games are said to be “tasteful” so dont look to take your buddy to the local strip club for a lap dance.  One nice feature is that if you happen to fail a mission you can jump right back into the action.

No details yet on multiplayer features, but you can expect the real time weather effects and of course a lot of pedestrians.

Mostly this sounds just like all the other GTA titles with a little bit of everything wrapped into one for the DS.  I hope this title can bring some thing original to the game beside touch features.  I would like to see some screen shot just to see what it looks like.  If  Chinatown Wars is anything like the PSP versions of the Grand Theft Auto Series it will be worth taking a look at and maybe my DS will get a little quality time with me once again.

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