PlayStation Store New Content

The PlayStation store has some new downloads available for you.  First, if you are interested in the AST Dew Tour you can download eight promotional videos.  Second is two game demos for the PS3, Mercenaries 2 World in Flames, and Fracture.  Also available is a PSP demo NBA 09 The Inside.

Some new games are also available for download for the PSP.  The first is Cube (9.99) which offers highly addictive puzzle solving.  The next is Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords (14.99) which incorporates strategy, role playing elements and a persistant story line into a match- three puzzle board setting.

But wait there is more, one of the best deals out there is the Call of Duty 4 variety map pack for $4.99.  This one is a must have if you are a COD 4 player these maps are worth every penny you pay for them, so if you dont want a new PSP game or another demo for the PS3 get these maps you will not be disappointed.

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