Plantronics GameCom 777 Headset Impressions


Hardware Review: Plantronics GameCom 777 Headset
Release: September 2008
Developer: Plantronics
Available Platforms: PC, Mac, PS3
MSRP: $99.99

For those of you that have never seen the Plantronics GameCom 777 headset, you’re in for a surprise. The GameCom 777 headset is an open eared, stereo headset that with the help of some special Dolby Headphone and Dolby Pro Logic II technology that simulates a 5.1 surround sound environment.

0A858C4B-065E-42F3-BF39-9C7374A263C7.jpgTo setup the Plantronics GameCom 777 headset all you do is plug the USB dongle to your computer or whatever device you are using it for, then you plug in the headset into the dongle and lastly you flip the on switch on the dongle (a blue light will let you know when its turned on), that’s it. There is nothing else to this that you have to do, actually I take that back, you might have to go to your system settings and tell it to output the audio to your usb headset. I had to install 0 drivers and I had to configure nothing. That USB dongle does all the work for you, its the device that that houses the Dobly technology to mimic 5.1 surround sound.


Some of the things that I and the rest of the PN team liked were first how comfortable the headset was. When you put this on it just feels so right, like it was suppose to be there. Personally I also loved the design of the headset as well, from the gun metal look to the hidden boom mic, which by the way, is a great way to hide the microphone when you are not using it. But the best thing about this has got to be the tech that is built into the usb dongle, with the Dobly technology the team at Plantronics have actually been able to take regular stereo sound and turn it into a simulated 5.1 experience. I was able to use this headset on my PC, on my iMac, my Macbook, on Skype (huge improvement over my unconfrontable Logitech headset) and on my PS3 (for voice chat in game or in a chat room only, not actual gameplay audio) and it preformed beautifully every time. And as an added perk, it comes with an extra long cable with volume controls inline so you can control the audio levels on the fly.


I understand that this headset is packing a lot but it is pretty big and because of this it is not very portable in the least. My only other complaint probably evolves around the price, for around 100 dollars I would have preferred a little bit more, like for it to be wireless, that would have been a huge perk.

Steve’s final say: If you are in the need of a headset for your PC or Mac I highly suggest you check this out. The Plantronics is a great way for you to experience some high end sound for a non high end price.

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  • This is a pretty impressive headset I wouldn't mind owning one but I would also like one compatible with the 360. I like the boom mic and how it just tucks away nicely and if the quality of sound is that good I wouldn't even mind the fact that I was tethered to a console and or PC. I like the way the headset is packaged with the case.

  • Llorenc

    were I can buy one?

  • Currently only at

  • This headset looks great. I just can't understand why Sony doesn't just make a headset that includes Dolby Digital 5.1 for the PS3. I mean the 360 already has headsets that will do it, why can't we?

    I've tried numerous Blue Tooth rigs from Frys. One works well but it costs $199. I'm not sure if I really want to spend that much on a headset!

    Good find though Steve!

  • jim

    i have just bought this headset, plugged it into the usb on the ps3 changed the output to show usb and it doesnt work…what am i doing wrong please?

  • Chris Loder

    Wow this doesn't work on the PS3 / XBOX? Really I need one across all formats and would have expected for this price. I will still buy it for the PC.

  • Chris Loder

    Keep trying / asking, Lulzorz may be right. Do we have any confirmation?

  • iComeAnon

    Dude. PS3 works great for any and all hookups. Anything that runs on a USB or Bluetooth connection will work with PS3. Even a printer.

    And gaming headphones you find using USB will work on PS3

  • Brad

    I plugged mine in and it works but the volume is really low and it is up all the way. Does yours get very loud

  • bmb1127

    mine works great with ps3 haven’t tested on xbox 360 yet. on ps3 make sure you change you audio setting to usb. but it sounds awesome.

  • bmb1127

    oh yeah got it on ebay for 29.99 buy it now. same guy has about 50. Brad my volume was loud enough i had to turn it down, check you settings on ps3.

  • Hi ! ….
    I just bought Plantronics GameCom 777 and pulgged it with ps3 through usb and changed the setting through the accessories..but when i did that only the mic worked.. I can talk and hear people talking but I cant hear the game…I mean like in COD4..I can hear them talking but i cant hear the gun fires game music or what ever game action.. you dont know whats going on around you in the game…does anyone know which settings you should make to make it work perfectly ?

  • Stefan

    COD4 problems… this is a general COD4 problem, have you tried hooking up mic.plug>usb>ps3 and the audio-plug to your tv/sterio with an extension cable???

    This works for most other headsets…

  • set it to 5.1 surround

  • I bought 777’s for the PS3 without doing any research on headsets until after i knew they wouldnt work, some people hook them up to the audio jack if your TV has one …mine dosnt; on PC they are simply brilliant and comfy for extended use. Sound sweet on the IPod as well. The best bet if you want them to run on a PS3 is to buy a Turtle Beach Ear force DSS processor. The DSS is designed for all headsets and are about 100US. I play BFBC2 allot on the PS3 and i have a surround sound system but when i plugged in my 777’s to the DSS and heard the sound quality i was literally blown away im so happy with being able to use such an awesome headset on my PS

  • can i connect it straight to the ps3? if not tell me a way i can and get the 5.1 surround.


  • You can’t connect it straight into the PS3. (Headphones wont work) I have mine connected to my reciever’s audio output jack. (Conencted through HDMI). Audio output set to HDMI. The mic can be connected straight into the USB of your PS then setup under Accesories>Audio>Input:USB

  • Where can i buy the Dolby Usb cord by itself?

  • Sffdg

    thanks yossif

  • It tkes a long time to scan on my PS3 ANND FIND CONNETION