PN Question of the Week, Sept 21

37A10712-0A7E-4902-ADC1-C0DA98DD182D.jpgQuestion of the week? What is this? Well starting today, your favorite gaming site will be asking you a single question every Sunday for now on to get your input on things that might be as simple as your favorite gaming character to more complex questions like how do you feel about the fact that Bungie might not be developing Halo 4.

Anyways, without further ado, here is this weeks question. How many current generation console (not counting DLC or handhelds) games do you own?

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  • Twenty-something 360 games, maybe 6 Wii games, and 3 PS3 games. I also have roughly 10-15 DS games.

  • PS3- 5
    360- 20
    Not as impressive as everyone else but its getting there.

  • I'm at 83 360 games, 14 PS3 games, and 14 Wii games so a total of 111

  • I own 133 360 games, 27 Wii games and 0 PS3 games… cause I don't own a PS3 ;-p So a total of 160 games.

  • 360: 53.
    PS3: 0.
    Wii: 3.

  • Holy crap, I thought I was going be #1 in 360 games, you crushed my total

  • Z13 TMG

    60 Xbox 360 games
    4 Wii games

    64 total

  • Yeah I have a serious problem man.I actually have more than that but their doubles. Wait till your kid gets old enough and you have to start buying two of everything. Gets freakin expensive.

  • RodB

    37 Xbox360
    6 PS3
    5 Wii

  • Don't worry Scott. My collections makes yours look like Gamestop.

    I only have 18 PS3 titles!

    I have nothing else to speak of unless you count PC.

  • B1gBadDaddy

    About 20 Xbox 360, and 1 next-gen PC game. I like to trade in, can't stand dust gatherers 🙂

  • I have 2 PS3 games
    2 xboxpure games
    and 7 xbox 360 games for sale. If anybody is interested hit me up.

  • 28 Xbox 360 Games
    4 PS3 Games
    0 Wii Games

  • I have 21 Xbox 360 Games, nothing for PS3 nothing for Wii. It helps that I don't own either of the last two systems. 🙂 I own a DS but no games for it. Figure that one out. I also own about 26 Xbox games that are on the BC list except for one: Kung Fu Chaos. I love that game, and I keep praying (in vain I imagine) for it to be added to the BC list.

  • 40 360
    6 PS3
    5 Wii

    As far as handheld

    7 DS
    7 PSP

  • lol…oh yeah I have some wii games too. 6 to be exact. They are in mint condition if anybody is interested.

  • I have 3 PS3 games…

    i think ill be getting some more for my bday though.

  • Snakeman555


  • 360: 1
    PS3: 6
    Wii: 5

    I rent a lot, and sell most of my games. Strange, that I feel compelled to make excuses. Some of you guys are hardcore!

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  • Not sure if anyone still cares, because this thread is already a little old, but I own:
    25 360
    19 PS3
    10 Wii