Protoman in Megaman 9

Mega man 9 has started to get some news surrounding its resurrection. Most of it positive, except on the Xbox 360 end of things because of the difficulty of the achievements. Proto man who first appearing in Mega man 3 was a powerful enemy until he eventually became a good guy and helped Mega man. Sure Proto man is pretty cool, but what isn’t cool is the fact that he isn’t included with the game to start with.

That is correct folks, Proto man is downloadable content. Not just any DLC though, he cost a whole two dollars. I am quite shocked at this. Why not put him in the game from the beginning. This makes me not want to shell out the money for Mega man 9 even more. What is the point of wasting two dollars on an experience that might not vary that much from playing as Mega man, I know that some people out there are going to say “two bucks, that is a steal right there.” The thing is that it isn’t a steal. You are paying for Mega man 9 (which is a $10) plus the two dollars for Proto man equals $12 dollars for about five to six hours of Mega man after dieing quite a few times. In short, it would not be worth paying for Proto man.

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