County Judge Kills Next Humpdate

Technically, it’s not the judge’s fault. More the fault of luck and the American jury system.

GamerEdie just got back from her annual stint of jury duty — or as she likes to call it “detention for grown-ups” –  and just as it seemed she’d skate out without being picked for the panel, her name was called as first alternate.

She tried to reason with them. You’d think that telling the court that Grand Theft Auto 4 was her favorite game and she loved capping her friends in the face and bludgeoning hookers would have made a difference.

Alas, no. For some absurd reason, the court, the district attorney and the defense counsel all thought she’d make a FINE juror.

So she’ll be sitting on a criminal case this week at the regular Humpdate recording time.

Winner of last week’s “swag pack” will be announced on the next GameHounds regular episode, as well as the winner of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. You have entered both, haven’t you?

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