Online Play Delayed For Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet users will be starting off by waiting for its “first major update”.  If you wanted to hook up with your buddies and create levels online, you will have to wait for the update and there is no date of when the update will be available.

You will still be able to create levels offline with up to 3 other players, but they will have to be in the same room as you.  Have no fear though there will still be a lot to do right out of the box.

The online play mode was really not the selling point for me anyway.  Don’t get me wrong I want to use that feature, but now I get to hone my creating skills before going online with other players.

As for the play mode online that will be in the game day 1.

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  • Yeah. With the way Sony does their betas…this is no surprise to me. It won't matter really. I'll be trying to beat the regular game first anyway.

  • justthefacts

    not true

  • pharmboy044

    Nothing personal but that title of the post is completely untrue. You will be able to play online Day 1 and even play 4 player online co-op. I think you meant to say we will not be able to use the "create function" online with our friends. You might need to reword the title of this post so people don't freak out and think you can't go online and play other peoples levels when they get the game.

  • The title gets your attention and thus you read on