Star Wars: The Force Unleash (xbox 360) Review


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is the next entry in the Star Wars Universe that is considered canon (part of the real story). The version being reviewed is for the Xbox 360 and retails for sixty dollars. The Force Unleashed has been developed by LucasArts who also happen to publish the game.

The Force Unleashed starts with Darth Vader raiding Kashyyyk to kill the surviving Jedi that manage to miss order 66 (The Great Jedi Purge), this level serves as a training level so you can get accustomed to playing the game. There are a few powers that Star Killer can use that Vader can’t, but it isn’t major. After killing countless Wookies, you come across your first boss fight. After defeating this Jedi, you find out he has a son, this son becomes Star Killer and the game resumes in a Tie factory where Star Killer must kill a Jedi named General Kota.

The game eventually becomes similar to that of Dynasty Warriors fame where you are press the same buttons over and over again until X amount of targets have died and move on to the next level. While it may same annoying, the physics engine shines while using force powers. At one point a Junk Titan in the second level hit me so hard that not only my body had hit the wall extremely hard, but I was also knocked off the stage, and then in a rematch I managed to finish off the Junk Titan. The game rewards players with the satisfaction of not only beating such a hard monster, but rewarded me because I didn’t hack and slashed it to death.

The game has its flaws like an insanely difficult hard mode, and a difficult final battle on the light side. There are a few cheap deaths and bosses that will take a little getting used too, but all in all this game is fun. I like this entry into the Star Wars Universe, but it is a shame though that it is so short, and you have no clue what happens to the main characters in the game after you finish the game.

Ross’ bottom line.

I was happy with the purchase of this game. The game doesn’t offer that much in terms of replay, but you will be happy to of completed this part of the Star Wars Universe. A few extras that some people will like, Jar Jar Binks frozen in carbonate, pulling a X-Wing out of lava for fun, seeing the Millennium Falcon in the second to last level. All in all I believe this is at least worth a rent, because most of the achievements are completed in the first go around on hard. Don’t forget to kill twelve storm troopers in the start of the game.

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  • Force Unleashed offers a few hours of enjoyment before all the fun becomes overshadowed by its repetitive nature, weak level design, and unforgiving targeting system. Recommended as a rental to the casual Star Wars game player – hardcore will buy it regardless. Regarding the review: Pretty average review style; too personal and lacked a grammer proof. Keep the reviews coming Ross.