All New Halo 3 Achievements And Maps Revealed either made a mistake or Bungie decided to surprise us. Either way, this is big.

The title update that went live today for Halo 3 adds achievements which total an extra 250 gamerscore. Of course, we all saw the leaked list of achievements with a total of 750 additional gamerscore a while back. Bungie wouldn’t comment. Then we saw Halo Mythic leak out of PAX. Bungie wouldn’t comment. Now, we have some pretty undeniable proof that the additional 500 points and Mythic exist.
Halo 3 Achievements
The list reveals that we will be getting a new map pack, the Mythic map pack. It is unclear if these maps will be single player, multi player, or both. The achievements show that there is a skull to be found on each map, which points to single player.
Halo 3 Achievements
The map names are also given away. Assembly, Citadel, Heretic, Longshore, Orbital, and Sandbox could be making their way onto our Xbox 360’s in the near future.
Halo 3 Achievements
All told, this is a pretty big update for Halo 3, and a big step for Microsoft. No other title has been allowed to add this much gamerscore. Could this be a sign of things to come? Will games like GTAIV or Gears of War 2 end up nearly doubling their scores? Do you guys think it’s something you want to see happen?

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  • I'm totally down for games to release more than the standard 250 additional points. I feel it adds to the replay value. Maybe they should add 250 at a time to keep the game alive.

  • I'll have to dig my copy of Halo 3 back out and play some more.

  • That's the point.

  • bman

    I can't wait for mythic, you can actually get the 9/25 acheivement now. If you want to see some hot girls halo 3 who play check out

  • I Ztenod I

    i just totally start yelling in a public bakery and ppl were starnig wen i look @ new halo 3 achievements and had mythical i thought it was ot now i was yelling at mai ex oh well it will be soon