Pre-Order PS3’s Wireless Keypad Now, Save 20%


Special thanks to forum member, THE L1TIG4T0R, for pointing this out.

It seems that is giving a discount for those that pre-order the Playstation 3 Wireless keypad, you can get it for 39.96 instead of the normal 49.99. So if your interested be sure to check out the deal right here.

Product Features

* QWERTY keypad designed for fast, thumbs-only typing
* Up to 33 feet (10 meters) operating range
* Touch pad mode turns the main key area into a touch pad. In this mode, user can slide her finger on this area to move the cursor on the screen and tap to enter
* Rechargeable Lithium-ion polymer battery
* Dedicated short cut keys provide instant access to text-based communication applications on the PlayStation Network

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  • didn't realize it was wireless before now. still why on the top? oh well i love the 360 chatpad and need something other then a huge usb keyboard. I'm just wondering… if on bluetooth and the controller and headset also on bluetooth. how many bluetooth devices can the ps3 have hooked up at one time?