Buzz!: Quiz TV (PS3) Review

1213A333-9132-4F42-ACD5-C55C6DBA134E.jpgGame Review: Buzz!: Quiz TV
Release: September 23, 2008
Genre: Trivia
Developer: SCEA
Available Platforms: PlayStation 3
Players: 1-8, (1-4 online)
MSRP: $59.99
ESRB Rating: T

Buzz!: Quiz TV is actually the seventh game in the Buzz series but its the first one to appear on the PS3. Other firsts for Buzz!: Quiz TV include online play, wireless buzzers and user created content. Buzz!: Quiz TV is also the first Buzz game and one of only a handful of games that are currently out which support Sony’s trophy system, which on this title has 25 total trophies that you can earn.

Setup with Buzz!: Quiz TV is actually pretty easy. The game comes with 4 wireless buzzers, a usb dongle and the game in its case. All you need to do is plug the dongle into your PS3 (the buzzers and dongle also work on the PS2’s), put the disc in, and start the game. Once the game is started there is a switch on the dongle that you flip forward to turn on and from there it just works as Sony pre-synced the buzzers to work with the dongle for you. Once in the game you do all your controls and menu choices with the buzzers so everything is laid out pretty simple and easy to access.


Enough about setup though, you’re here to find out for about Buzz!: Quiz TV so let me break down some of the modes and features for you. From the start you are laid out with a option to play Buzz! or to check out some of the other features like the “Get Your Buzz! Face On” which is actually a cool little feature that takes pictures during the game using the PlayStation Eye of big moments (the game doesn’t really tell you when its taking pictures except at the end when you get a actual chance to pose, other then that it’s at high points of the game), there is also a leaderboard option as well as the settings menu. So back into the meat of the game, once you select “Play Buzz!” you now get to pick how you want to play, by yourself, with friends (local multiplayer) or online and from here it breaks it down with the category that you want to play (all types, music only, movies & tv only, brainiac only, sports only, lifestyle only and MyBuzz! questions). Once you pick your category the game is on.

The game itself is pretty simple, the lowest place person always picks the topic of the questions and you two or up to seven battle it out to see who is the high point getter. It pretty much works the same on offline and online multiplayer with really not to many differences on the modes that you face. To pick your categories as well as answer your questions you must use the four buttons on the front of the buzzer and your really never use the main button while playing the game except during the Pie Fight mode.


I can most definitely say that the most enjoyable thing about this game is the multiplayer, whether its up to 8 offline or 4 online, that is where the most of the fun will be had. Another great feature about Buzz!: Quiz TV is the fact that you have over 5,000 questions on the disc. And if that is not enough, there are all a pretty much unlimited amount online at that you can play right off your PlayStation 3 and on top of that while Sony has not announced any details yet, there will be downloadable question packs in the future. With the ease of the pickup and play ability you can get your whole family and friends into this game, even if they normally are not the video game playing type, there is just a whole lot of fun in the game.

There are a couple things missing from Buzz!: Quiz TV though. I would have liked to see online video support during Sofa vs. Sofa play, as it is always nice to see who you are playing against. The other thing that would have been nice would have been trivia off of videos that the game could have shown you. Buzz!: Quiz TV is on a Blu-ray Disc, that is a whole lot of available space where they could have pack so much more content into that just seems like wasted space and a wasted opportunity.


Steve’s final say: If you own a PS3 you need to pick this up, while its lacking a couple things, they are relatively small things and that should not deter you from buying this. Buzz!: Quiz TV is finally that fun online trivia game that we all have been asking for.

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  • Sweet! I am going to pick up my pre-order today. It sounds like having this game will make me invite people over, just like I did when Rock Band first came out.

    Thanks for the review.

  • It seems like a good buy if you have groups of people over and may prove to be a good drinking game too.

  • mik

    Good review, Steve. I was pretty sure I wanted this–now I'm positive. $60 seems like a great deal, too.

  • Hmmm… good idea. That is why the controller is so simple, and the buttons are so big!

  • Good review. If i owned a ps3, i would pick this up, since i dont, i will have to stick with the new scene it game, box office smash.

  • Just a FYI. The old PS2 wired controllers work with this game. I just picked up the Buzz Hollywood Quiz bundle for $30. I now can have up to 8 players at home, and I have the extra Hollywood Quiz game to sell on Amazon or eBay…

  • Hmmm…thanks for the tip Jonathan. I'm wondering if Sony will eventually make PS2 Buzz games work on the PS3 just like they plan to do with the SingStar titles? I've picked up my copy….I'm just hesitate to open the box.

  • Hmmm…thanks for the tip Jonathan. I'm wondering if Sony will eventually make PS2 Buzz games work on the PS3 just like they plan to do with the SingStar titles? I've picked up my copy. I hope my family loves this one as much as SingStar and American Idol.

  • sheryl

    hi- Do you know if I can purchase the USB dongle anywhere else? it wasn’t included in the game I purchased.. I purchased it used & was told all parts were included.. I can return it, but want to see if there’s an easy fix to replace the missing part myself. Thanks!