Eternal Words on Gears of War (part 2)

For all of you gamers still playing Gears of War multiplayer, I bring to you today some helpful tips on the weapons and how to make them work for you. This will surely assist you in dominating your opponents and I am sure these tips will carry over on the weapons and their usage in Gears of War 2 (November 7, 2008).

LANCER: The Lancer is a mid-range to long-range weapon. If your enemy is closing in on a special weapon (boom, torque, sniper, etc) aim for the torso and particularly in the legs to knock them down. When the enemy is down, reload the Lancer and begin shooting them (hoping this is a 5 second revive execution game…which I play) and as the bullets hit the player, they will not do damage, but as they stand up they will instantly go back down. Reload the Lancer and do it for a second time, killing your opponent due to the third downing.

If the enemy is closer than mid-range, switch to Shotgun, Pistol, Grenades (not smoke), or Boomshot. The Longshot is iffy, but does pack a punch at short range (just dont zoom in the scope) and aim with LT. I will discuss chain sawing later on.

SHOTGUN: The weapon of choice for me and also the majority of players. Not a long-range weapon, very ineffective at mid-range, and extremely deadly at close-quarters. Two things I will tell you about Shotgun mastery: One, do not aim while engaged in battle and Two, never double melee an enemy with the Shotgun.

Aiming with the Shotgun is bad and the odds are stacked against you if you aim with this weapon. When you aim with the Shotgun, your ability to keep track of your opponent goes way down. The aiming slows down your motion and if they are flipping, rolling, or straffing, holding down the LT to aim will not be successful. Do not aim, just practice without aiming, and if your enemy is straffing back and forth, lead them a little to have a more effective shot.

Another technique that is popular is hitting the B button while next to the enemy, stunning them for about 2 seconds (and they will not be able to move or shoot back at you) allowing you to blast them in the face. BUT if you hit them the first time to stun them, if you try to hit them a second time to down them, it will not work and when this happens the enemy has control of their character and they will blast YOU in the face.

BOOMSHOT: Maps that have this weapon will always have the focal point of that map be where the Boomshot is located, rather its outside on Mansion or at the back middle of the map on Gridlock, you will find many times at least 2-4 enemies going to the Boomshot to secure it and its area for its respawn.

Remember the Boomshot has a bit of an arch when it fires, so do not think of it as a Rocket Launcher. And with any weapon that goes boom, be careful not to aim it at your feet while freaking out over a closeby enemy, or you will blow yourself up (and die). Also if you fire it at an enemy who is in your face, you will kill that person, but also you will die as well. If the enemy is clustered together, hitting one might result in a double-kill. If you hit the ground around the enemy, it will instantly down them, perhaps even killing them. But if you down two opponents at once in the same area, just walk over to them and hit the B button to kill each one (hitting B respectfully for each one).

HAMMER BURST: A nice variation of an assault rifle. It fires in burst shots, hence the name, but the good thing about this weapon is that it has a melee attack instead of a chainsaw that has its downfalls. I prefer to straff from a mid-range distance without aiming and if you get close enough, you can combo the firing then go in for a melee strike, knocking the opponent down. Hit B again to kill them while they are down.

The burst fire also is a saver on ammo and can help you get the direction down without aiming.

TORQUE BOW: Great weapon and also a one-hit kill. Remember torque bow arrows only stick in the enemy if the torque is pulled all the way back, or having the aiming line being completely straight. If you pull the torque back, you will not be able to release it to save the arrow, that one will be wasted if you have no shot for a kill. If enemies are clustered, hitting one will greatly improve the odds you will take out another closeby enemy.

The torque is also a good weapon to melee opponents, taking two strikes to knock down the player.

: Though body shots are easier to achieve, downing someone in one body shot is not common. Headshots are a one-hit kill. If you have an Active Reload, then a bodyshot will down the opponent. If you are not a master sniper with the zoom, do not be discouraged, you can aim just with the left trigger(LT) and that will pull up a small reticle that are key for body shots, or an occasional lucky headshot.

Longshots are also good for melee attacks. A good combo is to fire a body shot at close range and then follow it up with a melee attack.

HAMMER OF DAWN: A weapon with a slow build and limitations of being able to only work on outside objects and the ground, but do remember you can aim it on an opponent, a corner of a building or structure or cover, or the ground. You can injure yourself of commit suicide with your own Hammer, so do not aim it close to your person.

Just like the Longshot, Torque, and Hammer Burst, the Hammer of Dawn is a good melee weapon.

GRENADES: Grenades should be used in a tactical way. I see many players just tossing them around in the area of enemies that are not engaged in combat–with little to no success of killing them. What someone should do with grenades is wait until your teammates are engaged in battle (preferrably a shotgun or close-quarter combat match) and as the others are busy fighting, throw a grenade or two in the middle of the fight. This will do one of three things: kill the enemy, stun the enemy, or do nothing (depending on the blast). You will not have to worry about killing a team member since friendly fire is not active in ranked games. If you kill the enemy during someone else’s fight, great, if you stun them, this gives your friend a chance to kill them without retaliation.

(NOTE: Make sure the enemy doesnt see you or see you tossing the grenades or they will evade the grenade. Be off to the side, out of their view or focus, and let them fly.)

Tagging people is very dangerous and should be avoided. About 75% of the time the tagged foe will stay on top of you and you will die along with them, and how good to your team are you if you are dead. Tagging the last remaining enemy is more acceptable to me, but not when its 4v4, or you are outnumbered, or worse the last person alive on your team facing off against 2-4 enemies. They will win the round due to they have people still alive some place else on the map.

The next article in the series will give you some DO and DON’T tactics. Stay tuned to Platform Nation for Eternal Words on Gears of War, and while you are there, check out the podcasts and other articles.

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