Burnout Paradise Trophy Pack Crashes Onto Your PS3

Trophies are finally invading one of the most developer supported game out there. The Burnout Paradise Trophy pack is now available to download to your PS3.
Burnout Paradise

The trophies range from the platinum “Burnout Paradise Elite” to the bronze “Visit a Gas Station during a Race”. There are even trophies awarded for completing content in both the Cagney and Bike pack update.

Unfortunately for all the Burners out there, the trophies are not retroactive. Criterion states:

Burnout Paradise saves are locked to your profile. We had hoped to use this to retroactively award trophies, but we discovered during testing that this is not possible. You will therefore require a fresh game-save to receive trophies in Burnout Paradise. If you’re familiar with PS3 trophies already, you’ll recognise that this works in the same way as all other games that have added trophy support post-release.

So what do you guys think? Is this enough to run through the game again? With all the additional content that’s been flooding this game, I think it will keep spinning in my PS3 for a while. Now if they would just patch in a way to jump to each event through the map, I will be happy.

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  • man, they had been saying all along that the trophies would be retro! thankfully hadn't starting this on ps3, but payday comes around probably be downloading it!