Due process

by Erik Johnsen (Z13 TMG)

It looks like well-known and often criticized Florida attorney Jack Thomson may be looking for a new career path or relocating elsewhere to resume practicing law.

The Florida State Supreme Court handed down the decision today to disbar the outspoken opponent of  violent games. The disbarment of Mr. Thompson would be effective 30 days from today.

Jack Thompson immediately filed an emergency motion to stay the decision, as it disallows him from communication with a client he currently representing.

The disbarment of Mr. Thompson would be permanent as the ruling gives no leave for him to apply for readmission to The Florida Bar.

All in all, I would hardly believe this would be the last time we’ll hear from Thompson. He’s made several apperances on cable news networks. Often having been consulted for his opinions regarding the video game culture, particularly after violent events in various parts of the country. I would expect that his influence will be felt long after now, whether he is a practicing attorney or not.

Sources: Kotaku, Joystiq

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  • About time. Let's hope he doesn't try to practice somewhere else.