Full GTA Experience For DS

Afraid that if you buy GTA Chinatown Wars for the DS it might be a little bland.  Well think again it looks like Chinatown Wars is gearing up to be just as controversial as all the past GTA titles.

Past GTA’s you would do a little drug running and that is what we expect from Rockstar with GTA, but now you buy and sell specific drugs such as coke, heroin, weed, acid, ectasy and downers all wrapped up for you in a mini-game.

Surprised, Yes I am,  seeing this one is for the DS I thought it might be toned down a little bit and use made up names for drugs instead of specifc drugs names, but what a way to sell a game add 1 part Killing, 1 part Selling of Drugs shake it all together into one game you get A Large Dose of media controversy, and what better way to advertise for free.

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