New Halo Teaser Gives No New Information

Bungie finally lifted the veil off of the new project they are working on. Problem is, there was another veil underneath, so we’re all still in the dark. 

Remain Calm

Theories include that this is the Mythic update which expands the campaign, and that it’s merely a new multiplayer map pack. Either way, we do no one thing. Keep it clean.

How do you guys feel about the teaser?  Were you expecting Bungie to be working on more than just Halo 3?

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  • I think "pissed" is a pretty accurate description of what I'm feeling right now. Microsoft made them put this off for how many months? And this is all we get? WTF.

  • This new content doesn't matter to me, because they will charge money for it, and I won't pay for Halo3 content. I just don't play it, or care about it anymore. I would pay for more CoD4 content, though, *hint, hint*

  • Gemini Ace – I love your headline… that is exactly how I felt. I got up a little early to see what it would be, and was left a bit confused. Oh well. I am sure that some Halo diehards will extract some more info for all of us to think about…

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, thats all i have to say to that, what a waste of a buildup, all of it for nothing!