NO Online Co-op for Fable 2 on release! Maybe same week/Maybe Not

It what was a very quick and quite post over on Gamerscore Blog it was announced that at launch Fable 2 WILL NOT include Online Co-op!  Yes that is right.  The orbs, which represent on-line players, will be seen all over your Fable 2 experience and you will be able to trade with those “magical orbs” but you WILL NOT be able to play on-line with your friends and/or strangers.

It also was included in the post that on-line co-op would be added, MAYBE the first week of launch, but then we’ve all heard Peter Molyneux’s promises before.  Is this just the first of many disappointments that you will experience in Fable 2?  I guess only time will tell.

My main question for Mr. Molyneux, Lionhead Studios and Gamerscore Blog is why did Fable 2 go gold when it, obviously, wasn’t completed?

“PS – Lionhead sends a huge thank you to all of the Fable fans, and asks for your patience and understanding. This is their most ambitious game to date and can’t wait to get you playing their vision as soon as they possibly can.” DirtyDiva

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  • I for one am also a single player RPG fan, put would it kill anyone to put out a game that is finished instead of saying the week after release you will get the rest of the game.

  • they have no excuse. The game went "gold" almost 2 months ago, everything should have been done.

  • B1gBadDaddy

    This is a bit of a let down isn't it. We've seen co-op working in videos and at E3 and stuff, so we know it can be done. Hopefully it will come very very soon after release, because if it doesn't have the co-op, I don't know how much I'll play after Fallout 3 a week later.

  • B1gBadDaddy

    ****This is what happens when you post half asleep. I'm not bother if it's not shippped with, if the game is good, I'll play alot of single player, being an RPG fan anyway.

  • This is exactly the sort of thing that I was referring to in my "Dark Side of DLC" article earlier this month. Shipping incomplete games (especially when it's supposedly been "done" for months) just isn't acceptable

  • Is this becoming a trend…cutting out online features before launch? I guess publishers really want to meet those holiday deadlines eh?