Ultra Limited, How Much Did You Say!

Dead Space is a third person action game developed by Electronic Arts for the PS3, Xbox 360 and for the PC and is scheduled to be released on October 14, 2008.

You take the role of Isaac Clark, a engineer who must fight his way through a stricken mining ship infested with necromorphs, a hostile alien species.

Well EA is releasing the ULTRA LIMITED EDITION for the 360, and you can purchase the package through EA’s online store for $150 it includes:

  • The Dead Space game
  • Special Ultra Limited Edition packaging
  • Dead Space Downfall Animated Movie (DVD)
  • Bonus content DVD
  • Exclusive lithograph art
  • 97-pg Dead Space art book written and illustrated by the development team
  • 160-pg Graphic novel
  • Ishimura crew patch

Is $150 a little to steep for this limited edition?  I think so it doesn’t really offer a whole lot to really add up to that price.  Also at that price and all the new releases coming down in the next few months who can afford it?  I have purchased limited editions in the past (Including the pre-order of the GOW 2 Lancer Package) but I feel I got or will be getting my moneys worth.

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  • Unless this comes with a sack of cocaine and a hooker, not worth it.

  • Dear God, this is getting out of hand.