Eternal Words on Gears of War (part 3)

Looking to last longer than twenty seconds per round in multiplayer? Are you nowhere near the ‘Seriously’ achievement? In this portion of Eternal Words of Gears of War, I give you some more tips on how to seriously outlast your opposition.

DOs and DONTs:

DONT: Focus on getting Chainsaw or Grenade Tag kills. Yeah, you might get a kill, but you will most likely die from another nearby enemy. The thing about Grenade Tags: the person you tagged will come after you most of the time.

As for Chainsaw kills, if you are running at someone with a revved Chainsaw, it only takes one bullet to lower your attack. Then you are in someone’s face, most of the time, screwed with a Lancer in your hands.

The point of teamwork is to win the rounds and of course the best way to do this is to outnumber them. If its 4v4 and you tag someone, it will be 4v3 and 1 second later its 3v3…..and there goes your kill’s advantage.

DO: Know when to use Grenade Tags or Chainsaws. The time best used for Chainsaw and Grenade Tags are when A: there is 1 enemy left, or B: you know 100% that enemy is alone by himself and you have at least one other teammate with you to cover you. Chainsaw and Tags should be a low percentage of your kills, perhaps somewhere under 15% of total kills and NOT 33%+.

DONT: Run off by yourself on a map (if there is more than just you left).

DO: Communication and Teamwork are a sole foundation to GoW online. You all need to figure out where you will go and go there together. Pairing off in twos might be fine in some situations, depending on the strength of the players, but travel in a pack YET keep a little space between you to avoid one grenade, torque, or boomshot from killing more of you in one shot.

DONT: Be a hero if you are the last one alive and are outnumber 2 to 1, 3 to 1, or 4 to 1…..or even 1v1 if you feel the enemy player is too good for you. Try to evade the enemy and try to allow the clock to run out, resulting in a Draw. I am not saying you need to hide someplace, but if you see 2 or more coming at you, DO NOT run at them to attack. Use a stronger weapon such as a Boomshot or Torque to take them out or tail it to another part of the map and use a wall or choke point to your advantage.

Stick and move around the map, and if you can stay at a nice distance behind the enemy that keep going around in circles looking for you, that is a good enough technique as well. Do not stay in one place for too long or they will eventually catch up to you.

And, hey, if you move around to avoid the cluster of enemies and you find one by himself, go ahead and take him out. I have taken out a team of four by myself too many times, and I have seen others do it too……but there are times when it backfires.

DO: Use cover when in a crouching situation on low objects…..this will avoid someone seeing the top of your head. A good example are the crates on the side entrances to the warehouse on Fuel Depot.

DONT: Use cover on full sized walls or obstacles, putting your back to the object (well…..try not to use this 100% of the time…more like 20% of the time, perhaps to slide up to an area more quickly, then pull away and stay behind the object, facing it). This limits your range of fire, your ability to swing the camera around with greater mobility, and delays you if you need to retreat.

DO: Use walls and tall objects to your advantage to hide behind, but face the wall, etc. You are still hidden from the enemy and also give you the ability to move the camera around more to look for enemies nearby, and a better chance to hit an enemy while still allowing the wall to block the incoming threats. I prefer to hide behind walls that have the opening to the right where the gun is placed because it provides a better angle. You can straff a little if an enemy comes near you, and allow only enough exposure for the bullets to pass without hitting the wall. Stick and move, fire and retreat behind the wall in a quick fashion.

DONT: Aim with weapons in close-quarter combat. DO NOT aim with the Shotgun, Lancer, Boomshot, etc. If they are that close to you that one of their shotgun shots will kill you, then anything you have will hit them that close. Remember the shotgun sprays its bullets. The only weapon that could possibly get away with this is the Longshot because it doesnt pull the camera in too tightly for aiming (and I am not talking about the Scope Zoom).

DONT: Quit a ranked game. Do not make the teams uneven by your dissatisfaction of performance. Stick it out. You never know what will happen. Also this avoids you from getting a “Not Prefer Player” comment too.

DONT: Assume an area ahead of you is free of threat. Yeah, at the beginning of the match you can overtake areas near you since the enemy hasnt had time to get over there but once the round has been going on, dont think they will not be all over the map. Try not to blitz through a door….there might be someone waiting arond the corner who has already seen YOU but you have not seen THEM. Then prepare to eat a chainsaw or boomshot rocket…..etc.

Sure there may be a few more DONTs than DOs, but that is the nature of the game. Mistakes come at a high price in Gears of War.

Stay tuned to Platform Nation for the next Eternal Words on Gears of War, where I break down each of the multiplayer modes on Gears of War 2, and to which ones I feel will be the most popular and
also my own take.

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