PSN Cards Coming To More Stores

I have heard and even seen the PlayStation Network cards online, but have yet to see them at a retailer near me.

Well in October this should change. Sony has announced the PSN Cards are going mainstream. Soon you will see the cards at Walmart, Best Buy, and select Sam’s Club outlets and Barnes and Nobles will get their share sometime in November.

Sony states it is expanding the availability of the PSN cards for this holiday season. I hope it sticks around longer and it not just for the holidays, because these will make great gifts all year round.

PSN cards are available in $20 and $50 denominations and sightings of these cards have been at BlockBuster, Pamida, Meijer Superstores and Speedway locations, and of course none of the current stores are in my area so an expansion of the sales of the PSN cards would really make me happy.

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  • they are in everyone of my Blockbuster.. sure the people working there didn't know anything about them but out on the rack with every other gift card was the $20 variety. But bout time they expand it…

  • Yeah, it is funny how new stuff can come into a store but the employees have no idea what to do. I was the first person at my local store to get a card, and I had to wait while they figured out how to activate it.

    Oh, BTW, Blockbuster gives a lot more store credit than GameStop (usually). I traded in MotorStorm for $16 (GameStop only offered me $8). I sometimes use Blockbuster to convert old games into Wii Points or Microsoft Points.