TQcast Episode 44

TQcast EP44 First official LIVE Show!! (2:08) We start off the cast celebrating Juice’s 21st birthday, followed by a warm welcome to a very special guest. How Desz had the internet in a frenzy with XBOX-PURE. PS3Trophies are a crazy addiction “I would do anything for a PS3 trophy”. TQcast re-reviews Novastrike for the PS3, we get our BUZZ on LIVE, Wipeout HD impressions, more Socom talk including the 1.4 patch that might of made things worse. Juice deciding whether to keep Dwayne or Playboy, plus your video games, movies, music, and drink tip of the week plus much much more..

I decided to keep the show the way it was intended to be listened to, so no editing, all LIVE. I wanted to give everybody the full LIVE experience. Enjoy!

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