Star Wars: The Force Unleashed to get DLC

Luke Skywalker , Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and Kit Fisto have been stated to be in the DLC for the force unleashed. Along with a Jedi temple on Coruscant that is suppose to tell you more on Starkiller’s fathers. The level size is going to be about medium, which is bigger than Cloud City. No word on when the DLC comes out or how much it will cost.

To me it sounds almost worth it, and I don’t buy DLC that often. Playing around with Obi-Wan and Luke will be a blast. Plus since they are putting in the likes of Ki-Adi-Mindi and Kit Fisto, what is to stop them from putting in Mace Windu. Maybe there can be more content, like more levels and character skins later.

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  • I figured they would drop DLC with some new characters. Whatever happened to the cheat codes that would unlock new characters. I'm really tired of paying for just a skin – i'll skip – next please

  • What happened to when you beat the game you would unlock different skins and such. I understand paying for different levels, but skins and Kosamus I agree they where sometimes put out as cheat codes now we have to pay for every little thing. I will save my money and wait for something more appealing.

  • This is where achievements and trophies have ruined gaming. Developers think gamers are rewarded enough with these virtual accolades so they think it's okay to charge for skins and different levels.

    I have no problem whatsoever with this model. Gamers get their reward and developers get paid for doing a little extra work. The only problem with this model is the PRICE on the original game. If you plan on making DLC and charging for it, you should reduce the price of the game to $40 or below.

    Right now…they're double-dipping and people just don't like being screwed. The fact there is DLC makes this game a purchase for me. I'll just buy it used on Craigslist and then I'll consider buying DLC later.

  • Yeah, this is getting frustrating. At least it makes me appreciate games like Burnout that much more.

    Oh well, that game was just a decent rental, so I won't have to decide if I want to buy the DLC or not.

    Hmmm… that make me think. Besides the "hoarse armor" from Oblivion, I can't think of any BSDLC in a "Trippe A" game. It is always the low to mid-level games that try to milk it. Coincidence?