XBOX Live Still Under Construction?

We all got through the one day that Microsoft took down Live to lay the groundwork and such for the new Xbox Experience and today, September 30th, everything was back to normal……but just before I wrote this, playing some online Gears of War action, Xbox Live kicked me out. At first, sure, I thought my modem or my internet was acting strangely, but testing my connection it appears that the Xbox Live portion of the test was to blame.

Calling a couple of my friends, they had the exact same problem at the exact same time: Failed at the Xbox Live test (though another friend of mine was still curb-stomping people online amidst others’ misfortune). If this happened to you, do not fret, for you are not alone. I am sure it will eventually return.

Time after time of “improving” the Live service, Microsoft seems to throw hiccups into the system, making it tedious for players to enjoy their $60 a year.

Did Microsoft forget to tie up some loose ends of their work?

With the recent price drop of the hardware and the marketing for casual gamers to join the millions of Xbox Live members, I surely hope Microsoft is prepared for this Experience of their’s whenever the time comes for them to release it. Make sure that Live is ready for the masses, my little green friends at Xbox.

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