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Gamer’s Video Update 10-31-2008

Gamer’s Video Update for 10/31/08 Play with the New NXE NOW! DISABLES XBOX LIVE TILL NOVEMBER 19th & MAYBE MORE! Palin and Obama in Mercs 2! Paid DLC on the way! Want into the Home Beta? Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Quick Notes: BeatlesMusic games coming Ac/Dc pack out […]

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Why I Love/Hate My Job

This is totally off-topic, but it made my day:
You all know the things I obviously face with my job as a baggage handler: Heavy lifting, working in cramped spaces, and dealing with cranky customers.
You all have learned about the less-than-obvious responsiblities: Dumping raw human sewage, being on bloody-tampon-and-poopy-diaper duty (aka: taking out the garbage), and […]

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Exclusive Lord of the Rings: Conquest Community Day Panel

Show notes: Pandemic Lord of the Rings: Conquest Community Day Panel. Listen as members of the video game and film community grill the creative team behind the forthcoming Lord of the Rings: Conquest video game

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