LittleBigDemo Rumor

Rumors are circulating the internet that the LittleBigPlanet Beta that a few of us have gotten into might become public soon before the game is released.

According to PSXExtreme,

If you don’t get in, don’t worry. They are supposed to be opening up the public beta for the final week. Last I heard they were still planning on doing so, this closed beta is just there to generate a bit (a lot) of hype for the game before it releases. Basically they are talking about turning the limited time closed beta into a demo for the week before launch. It is easier to do this than to release a demo.

If this is true I have to bow down to Sony’s PR machine because I have never seen a game build so much buzz and crush so many websites (almost every site that had beta keys was crushed during their giveaways).

Great job Sony with getting the word out.

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  • A demo a week before release I'll take that. Even though the demo will not influence me into buying this game because I already know it is a must have for me.