Little Big Planet For The PSP

Just when you thought you heard everything you could about the upcoming Little Big Planet, here’s something new.  Mark Healy co-founder of Media Molecule is talking about bringing Little Big Planet to the PSP.  He has stated “we’ve had discussions and talks but nothing concrete”.  Nothing concrete but Sony has a pair of job listings  for PSP programmers “to work on the development of exciting new Little Big Planet projects”.

What a great way to create levels when we are away from our PS3’s.  I would like to see this materialize, so when we are on the go and think of something new we want to create on Little Big Planet all we have to do is power up our PSP’s and let our creative sides take over.

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  • This PS3 and PSP connection is finally starting to live up to it's potential. This game is the perfect chance to push the capabilities to the next level!