Nintendo Announces Another New Handheld…The DSi

A flood of information came flowing out of Nintendo’s Media Summit today.  Most importantly is the addition of the DSi handheld to the Nintendo lineup of consoles.
The new Nintendo DSi is a smaller version of the current DS Lite with a host of upgrades and additions. Nintendo is touting this console as a third platform in their console line. Of course, we all remember Nintendo using the same strategy to get us to switch over to the original DS when it replaced the Gameboy.

The DSi sports bigger screens, a smaller size, and a built in web browser. Additions include two cameras, one on the outside and one facing the player when the DSi is open. This should allow for some interesting new gaming mechanics. The DSi will also benefit from the addition of a SD card slot and additional on-board memory.

The weight loss program that Nintendo put the DS on no doubt began with the removal of the Gameboy slot. This pretty much kills any compatability that the DSi would have had with games like Guitar Hero:On Tour and the rumble pack add-on.

Unfortunately, those of us in North American probably won’t see one of these in stores until late 2009, as Nintendo has only announced the Japanese launch.

So, who wants to upgrade their Nintendo handheld yet again?


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  • bunnyhero

    i need a new ds anyway since the left trigger on my ds lite has gone flaky. meanwhile, i'd gladly sacrifice the gba advance slot for lighter weight. the psp 2000 is actually lighter than the ds lite!

  • to tell you the truth, i did not play or own too many GBA games, so losing that expansion does not really matter to me. Nice to see the camera, SD card slot, and all of the other features as well. Might trade in the DS i have for it.

  • bigmangriff

    I just bought a new ds lite when I left my old one in a cab in Vegas, this doesn't sit well with me right now.