Wii Maybe Not So Hard To Find

Still can’t get your hands on a Nintendo Wii?  Well Maybe this holiday season will be your chance.  Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said there will be more Wii’s available this year compared to last year.

So, you can finally get your Wii that you saved for, but don’t take that hard earned money out from under your mattress just yet because Fils-Aime is not sure whether or not it will be enough to satisfy customer demand.  Fils-Aime added “we are selling hardware at rates no system has ever experienced”.

O.K. then, everyone knows the demand for the Wii is high so why doesn’t Nintendo amp up their production of the Wii just a little bit more.  Is it they are afraid if there are enough of the consoles on the shelf everyone that wants one will finally have one and the Wii will not be such a high demand console?  I for one have no intention on buying the Wii any time in the near future, but if you do this could be your year to finally get yours.

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