Dance Dance Revolution X Review (PS2)

Dance Dance Revolution X is the latest installment in the long running dancing video game series. This is Konami’s tenth anniversary of the game. With the release of a new DDR game means new songs to be bouncing around to on your dance pad. Every game in the series has evolved in someway, this time it is a new dance arrow. The shock arrow must be missed or you will lose apart of your life bar and your combo.

Dance Dance Revolution X is the more than less the same game that many of you have most likely played at least once. Using both your feet you press the corresponding arrow. There are a few modes of play, for instance your basic mode allows you to dance to current list of unlocked songs, and after three rounds there is a chance that you unlocked another song. Street Master mode is an attempt to add some type of story to the game, but kind of fails at it. Street Master mode is more of moving around and dancing with or against people you meet. Modes such as battle, edit, training, and workout also comeback.

Dance Dance Revolution is a great workout tool. So for those of you who want to lose some weight (Trust me it works, ten pounds) or improve your cardio it is a great idea to have one of several DDR titles. The music selection is great, filled with some music you thought you would never hear. There are several modes of play including an endless mode for all of you who want to keep going until you can’t feel your legs. Street Master mode also adds some challenge by offering two difficulties per episode. A slew of new characters also join the cast as playable characters.

DDR is not without its flaws though. The backgrounds and characters look like something out of a Nintendo 64. Some of the music has a music video in the background that can really distract you if you’re not careful. Shock arrows tend to make me angry because of my tendency to hit every note. Otherwise this latest installment of DDR should be picked up for those who want to start dancing.

If you want to own apart of history then go by this game, because this was the game before guitar hero came out. I would suggest for you achievement junkies to go pick up your respective Xbox 360 version. The challenges of the games are always great, and before you know it you will be in better shape by playing a video game.

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